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Cloud-based Publishing System that manage the process by which publications are created

Make print products more intelligently. Save time and produce better publications.

Pieces Add-on. The perfect connection between Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy. Pieces allows designers and writters to work at the same document at the same time.

Remote Working. Distribute articles from an InDesign document to different writers located in various parts of the world and allow them to write these articles with Adobe InCopy over internet or just with a web browser.

Workflow. Organize and assign tasks, share text and images and optimizes workflow. Managing, producing and delivering content is easier than ever.

Production Control. Identify bottlenecks and detect where workflows breakdown. Pieces let you know the production status and workflow: creation, editing, review, combination and printing.

Print Publishing. Cross-platform publishing system used to produce periodical publications like magazines, newspapers and catalogs.

Export to Web (CMS). Your contents go straight from InDesign to your CMS.

Pieces - Adobe Exchange

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Adobe InDesign - First steps

Adobe InCopy - First steps

Online Editor - Write from the Web

How to create your own base InDesign document

When you open a document from Pieces, a base InDesign document opens. You can upload your own base InDesign document with the styles of your publication, page sizes, grids and guides...

You can download the default base document:

Download default base.indd (.zip)


Quick and easy startup as the system is fully integrated with Adobe tools.
Does not require additional investments in hardware.


Access articles anytime and anywhere

  • Copyfit exactly
  • Additional text overflow controls
  • Text versions system
  • Propose images for the article
  • Fast download / upload
  • Easy to use and intuitive (no necessary check-in / check-out)


Improve the workflow between writers and designers

  • Assign InDesign articles to users
  • Communicate progress in your workflow to the team
  • When the design team changes the layout, the layout is automatically updated in the remote InCopy
  • Define custom workflow: designer, journalist, copyreader, editor...
  • Using InDesign and InCopy with Pieces will speed up the production process


Web-based production control system

  • It allows detecting problems in the workflow, such as lack of personnel of a certain role
  • Detects bottlenecks in production
  • It allows you to optimize the management of your resource


One-click web exporting (CMS)

  • No need for extra tagging. Pieces exports the elements of an article to the CMS.
  • Conversion of graphics to web formats

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